Top 5 Best Real Estate Law Firms in Las Vegas, NV 2018

Looking for the best real estate law firms in Las Vegas area? Then you came to the right place as we have compiled top 5 best real estate lawyers around Las Vegas area for you.

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Top 5 Best Real Estate Law Firms in Las Vegas, Nevad 2018

1) Law Offices of SAMUEL G. BROYLES JR.

Mr. Andersen and Mr. Broyles handle several types of civil matters including litigation. The Firm possesses practical experience in commercial, business, real estate, construction litigation and insurance defense matters. The Firm also reviews and prepares contracts and agreements and tries cases and argues appeals before a broad array of state and federal courts and agencies.

Better, faster, and cost-effective are not terms often associated with the legal community, but with that goal in mind, the Firm applies the innovative solution of personally representing clients in more than one state. Mr. Broyles is licensed to practice in California and Nevada with Mr. Andersen being licensed in Nevada.

“When we founded the firm, we dedicated ourselves to providing our clients with the best and most efficient legal representation possible, keeping in mind the need to be ever-mindful of the cost.” Said Broyles. “It is extremely important that those in any industry receive only the best and most cost-effective legal services.”

Samuel G. Broyles, Jr. is admitted to practice law in Nevada and California. He has been a trial and transactional attorney since 1987 (CA) and 1997 (NV), with emphasis in the following areas: public and private works construction litigation, including insurance defense, prosecution and defending construction claims, stop notice and lien rights, bid disputes, corporate, partnership disputes, real estate transactions and commercial litigation. Broyles’ clients have included real estate firms, services industries, general engineering contractors, specialty subcontractors, suppliers, financial institutions, manufacturers and shippers. He received his Juris Doctor degree from Santa Clara University, School of Law and his undergraduate Bachelor of Science (dual major), High Distinction, from the University of Nevada, in Reno.

(Photo : Samuel G. Broyles, Jr) Samuel G. Broyles, Jr
Karl Andersen

The firm’s highly skilled partners distinguish the firm. Their innate ability, high energy and progressive approach to the practice of law sets the standard for excellence in the legal community. These attorneys seek to provide their clients with the information necessary to make sound business decisions. Each attorney forms a direct relationship with their client. They believe in the rigorous pursuit of their client’s interests. This philosophy is the cornerstone of success and the hallmark of uncompromising client service and attention to the clients’ legal needs.

2) Law Office of Andrew H. Pastwick L.L.C.

The Law Office of Andrew H. Pastwick L.C.C. was founded in September 2013. It was formed under the principle of providing quality legal services to the people of Southern Nevada. The firm approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. The legal team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective legal and business solutions for the clients.

3) Homeowner Relief Lawyers, LLC.

Homeowner Relief Lawyers, LLC is dedicated to assisting homeowners in facilitating a short sale of their underwater homes in Nevada – and particularly in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas. A successful short sale will enable client to sell their home, rather than let it go into foreclosure and ruin their credit and prospects for being able to purchase another home anytime in the future. Through the short sale process the firm may also be able to help negotiate a deficiency waiver from the bank and enable client to move on with no remaining mortgage debt to worry about and no future lawsuit against the client to recover the unpaid balance.

4) The Marshall Law Office LLC

The Marshall Law Office provides effective legal representation to its Las Vegas, Henderson, and other Southern Nevada clients. The firm primarily practices a handful of areas such as estate planning by providing its clients with Wills, trusts, living wills, powers of attorney, and health care directives in an effort to avoid probate. The firm is also here to help if probate is unavoidable. The Marshall Law Office also offers asset protection and provides its clients with irrevocable trusts, LLCs, asset protection trusts, and Nevada Spendthrift Trusts. The firm assists its clients with business formation by setting up LLCs, corporations, partnerships, etc. Additionally, The Marshall Law Office drafts contracts such as: operating agreements, bylaws, management agreements, employee agreements, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, etc. Finally, the firm represents its clients in resolving disputes and commercial litigation when necessary.

5) O’Grady Law Group

O’Grady Law Group delivers personalized strategies to resolve real estate, mortgage and timeshare disputes with the individualized attention each client deserves. O’Grady Law Group is comprised of a team of experienced attorneys and industry professionals. The firm offers the clients a means to put their upside down mortgage, timeshare purchases, and financials stresses behind them, without resorting to bankruptcy. The firm does not advise their clients to enter into agreements with their mortgage holders/lenders and timeshare developers only to find themselves back in the same situation or worse.

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